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When we are talking something about dunya, we might say if you're thinking much about dunya and struggle to get something in dunya, you will lost for akhirat. Because of what ? You can't to manage your time wisely. You  afraid if the task for dunya is incomplete, so you are rushing to perform solah or whatever kinds of deeds to Allah will be uncontrolled. I tried myself to get in proper with my time between studies, ibadah and other responbilities with a good manner, but it doesn't work well. Promise to my self do things more important than important.
*Maybe you can see / imagine the most beautiful places / beautiful inthis world. But heaven, no one could interpret the beauty

Semoga kesibukan kita pada hari ini adalah menyumbang pada agama, bukan menjadi penumbang agama. ayuh, fikir-fikirkanlah.

#When you feel worthless because of your sins, remind yourself of Allaah's Mercy.

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