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Watch out your akidah !


Hai peeps !
Homesweethome. >.<
Just share a video with a title " wacana selamatkan akidah"
Take note ya, this matter is not a game but it's a serious matter that shall be all the muslim to care off.

Highly recommended for you to listen addin talks or we name it's 'ceramah' with the great 'pendakwah' are :
1) Ustaz Fathul Bari
2) Ustaz Fadhlan
3) Ustaz Asri Sobri
4) Ustaz Rasul Dahri
5) Ustaz Idris Sulaiman
5) Ustaz Sulaiman Nordin
6) Ustaz Azwira
and several others that shall be for you to have a listen from them. Don't looks them with ideologi politics, but looks them with your deeply heart what's gonna said by them, what our Prophet saw wanna teaches us especially Addin's matter. Grab it and take the opportunity.

link :
this link provide much and many of videos from them. If you all wanna to listen , please listen from the begin until the end,I'm not force you but I want you understood it very well :)
salam kasihNya dari saya


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