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Prinsip -.-


Garang ke ?
Lawakkk kott =.=
Eh macam singa lah dia tuh !
aku akan balas :
Mana ade biasa jelah,
*tersenyum dan terdiam*

Banyak perkataan dan perkataan seperti itu di lontarkan oleh orang-orang sekeliling aku. I'm serious ? Oh Nope !! I'am a happy good lucky person especially for those knew me, she won't say , izyan is a garang person , but sometimes maybe :)
I remind the past whenever I was being a school monitor (pengawas sekolah) nobody won't  greetings me except me do first, why not, my face always signifies with ' tight face' . So no wonder he or she won't greet me  with 'Assalamualaikum kak" as well the juniors always do that for others seniors. But me, it quite hard for them to greet it. I don't know how to make my face looks alike happiness. That's me whenever I was studying in secondary school. But still have a good communication with others but it takes times for others to have a conversation with me, HO-ho

The all things I do today because I learnt something from the pastime ever. The past and past and also past time teached how to be myself. As I thru the experiences whether it's good or not, I knew something and I grab something golden and best type and reformed it to be one of my life.

Today,my mum is too worried about me, the way I have communication with boys especially it's very stern. She had many times advices me.  Did my words or way is too abusive ?  *erk ? !* As last, I won't be like that. Now,I did something because I learn something. That's all ~

Okay back to my main topic, there are several principles of my life but I just explain one of them only :

a) Keep off from ikhtilat except the matter that needs a discussion. If you have a matter with me, I will greet you as a friend, if not, I won't be like that. Sometimes, the simple matter you don't  need a discussion and don't make it as a serious matter as well you can manage it by yourself.

ok malas berceloteh panjang, klik kat sini lah ye :) *rasa tak perlu nak repeat bagi post dan tujuan yang sama*


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