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Waiting the day for my last paper. Oh it's make my mind burden as I should remember the facts, the points and all sort of that. The day I through in month of examination (January)I can make two conclusions about the way of students learning . HA-HA, it just my observation only, not facts ya :P

1) Some of students like to study early in the morning I means after dawn. They thought, our brain will be more fresh and energetic in the morning.

2) They're having a revision at midnight until dawn. maybe . They thought that time will make them comfortable and the circumstances are relatively calm and quiet. So of course they wake late in the morning , HA-HA, typically, they quite hard to wake up for praying Subuh dan do not ever-ever left your Subuh go away yeah !.

Thus, which one you are ???
If me ?? HAHA
Ermm, don't you think that why we can memorizes thousand and thousand of sentences from books a week or two weeks before a day of examination? Why not three month before examination? Erk ?!

kalau dah habis exam janganlah buang nota atau jadikan kertas-kertas nota anda seperti kapal laut pulak.erm rugi tuu=.=

When our exams is over the things that we had memorize also over !
that we as a student, lucky for those can keep memorize even the examination is over.

*quite lazy to create a long sentences for this post*
this is the 'saja-saje post after menelaah buku Hubungan Etnik'~


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