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Positive thinking


Going beyond positive thinking needs strong emotional wisdom. Each time God test us, the greater the test, the greater we need to trust Him, the greater we need to seek His forgiveness, love, mercy and pleasure, so that we will move on the journey of life in maturity, serenity, prosperity  and humanity.
Our strength is limited but God has unlimited Mercy, Love, Power,…. so have faith and move on, don’t lose hope as it will drain all our positive energy…put our great trust in God with ardent effort as we move on & try to develop positive self talk each day to gain self esteem, and stay close to those who are positive minded as we will be energized by their positive aura, and all our pressure will turn to pleasure.
So, no matter what happens, we must move on, open our hearts, minds and souls, fill our life with love and light, strive beyond positive thinking as it can spark light and stimulate our emotions to act, think and feel with wisdom by God’s will.

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