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FIFA , it's not means Federation International Football Association and Fight Israel Free Al-Aqsa. But it is an abbreviation of words Fiqh and Fatwa. The last and last post I have wrote that I'm hoping to continue my studying in degree Fiqh Fatwa. here and here 

And finally , He accept my request.Alhamdulillah. (smile).

You know what , USIM put their rules that Syariah and Law tamhidians are compulsory to further law in degree. So how much I dare about it ? It make my life are unstable ( okay , Im liar ) MUET , of course you shall get band 4 if you not got A in SPM. If you got A in SPM so you may further it without repeating MUET examination ( if dapat band three , if not you shall to repeat it again) . I think USIM rules have been changed, maybe ^^

So for my friends especially TSU 2010/11, congrats on what you all deserved to get and for those are not ,la baks, there are silver hiding behind you. Trust it :) Allah knows better .

That's the story my life.
Steps by steps in progressing to be a good mankind on a truth path Addin .

Friends , 
hold me if I astray and go far from the truth
That's all I want


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