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Teenage rape on the rise


This post , I wanna share my thought based on the topic above and some viewpoint/critics on the articles that I have read.
“Teenage rape on the rise “this issues, become a compound in our society today. Based on the article that I have read, with police statistics, the number of teenagers (18 years old and younger) raped increased from 3,098 to 3,409 in 2008 and increase to 3,626 in 2009. Majority of those raped were between the ages of 13 and 15. There are several factors that may happen in raped cases. Firstly, many of the teenagers were raped by other teens they met for the first time. Thus, some of them meet on the Internet or even friends of friends who sent them text messages by phone to meet up in shopping complexes. Then, teens are changing physically and psychologically and want to experience and enjoy sex. As a result, many of the girls who have been raped are ashamed and reluctant to lodge police reports. Besides, the victims will bear many psychological scars and develop mental and emotional problems, while the boys go scot and continue raping. 
Strongly, I want to stress it some of their parents are neglect to take care of their children’s life. The parents are very hard-pressed on their careers every time and day by day, until they forgot their responsibilities to educate children. In this article, they point and blame to teenagers, but not to emphasize the role of parents in order to enlighten their children with good moral values. Needless to say, for me, all parties have their own function whether the teens, parents, teachers, and government in order to puzzle out this problem. Not only the one party who should be blamed.
Besides, in other article also includes the way to fight sex-related social ills among the teens by counseling and education. I don’t think so; it can solve or decrease this problem. Some counselor could not give their good cooperation with their claimant. They may give an advice with brilliant and spirit words only to a claimant but not cover by instill spiritual with religious.  There are many people who being a counseling in Malaysia, but it could not give any positive impact very well due to decrease this snag. However, it shelve and aside the teens who have been in raping. This is not well behaved to do so. Consequently, it may give a negative impact by psychological order to a victim.
Furthermore, the best preventive measure in preventing a host of sex-related such rape, baby dumping, pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancy. This is one of the methods made by the government to resolve these issues. I strongly believe, it not a good a methods indeed may arise the number of teenagers to get the raping or other such related with it. Sex education is something that should be taught at home, not in a public school system. If you want to teach human anatomy, teach it in biology class, but don't call it sex education. If you want to teach about disease, teach it in biology. If you want to teach relationships of people one to another, teach it in sociology or psychology, but don't call it sex education.

Thus, sex education in on parents’ responsibilities to teach their children not in school taught because it is intimate matter. Parents should teach their kids about moral issues of sexuality when they are create to be a boy and a girl. I think it is the best approach for minimize raped problem. Not in public way .
So what about your viewpoint in this issues ,kindly you may leave your comment here :)

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