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Ya Allah I know  they way they do is against with syariat Islam.What's the best way for me to let them know it ?.Now , I feel full with guiltiness as I have not started my mission yet. It's hard to notify them know that they should already know  about it. I wont tell them if myself still lack of confidence and knowledge about it. I just keep it silent.My heart always said :
" Ya Allah , praise to Allah I knew these things , and He put me there as good for me to know more about Islam,  and now my mission is , spread it to them. not only myself to know it they shall be know , as they are muslim too. :) "
if we discuss about Islam, some people quite hard to accept what  was presented as they would have said they already knew of this or sometimes they thought she or he teaches them heresy(the opinion which is differ from the official opinion: islam:) ultimately , they will blame him/her with nonsense perception and make him/her shaming on public and spread the wrong rumours to others ! oh  how dare they could do that ? !Lets us accept it. If he /she have a right speech , then follow it , ( not follow dia la secara hakiki but , follow ape yang dia cakap ^^) and spread  it and said : never follow that person's speech without any evidence/ more specific term is dalil  min quran wa sunnah mostly in Islam. 

 We regularly do something as we doesn't know we had astray from sunnah and had been advised by someone about  these things may redress our faith . Then he/she ask us to take note and leave it because he/she had gave to us a proof from Alquran and sunnah, sadly we reject his/her opinion as we more prefer to follow our desires.We certainly raised many questions based on those desires or passion without thinking first. OH !very poor ;(
 Therefore , I want to share some steps who wish to leave her/his bad habits.
:) :| : ]
If we done with the wrong way and someone told us , the way we do is wrong , so let it go away from our life. Sometimes it's quite straitened to put it away from our daily life because it become our habits. Thus , please try any effort to change and never say give up ! Find a good ambience's . Try to find a good friend that he/she may have a better guidance for us, and don't forget to attend any discussion about Addin.the most things is ,DOA.InsyAllah , we may have a better life than before. 

Understand the true Islamic faith

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