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plz! add me back :)


Last night I had changed my password for yahoo messenger , then I sign out without any trying for a new password. Then , today , I am trying to access my ym , but my new password doesn't work. Oh ! I am trying using sign-in-help , but it not provide well helper for me to get back my old ym , HU-HU. So for all my friends  who want to have a chat with me , just copy back the link below.

please click here and copy back my ID
okeyh ?

I hope all my friends who have been added me in her/his ym , please delete my old ym , and add with my new ym :) I hope you all can add me back.  :D




salam izyan~
yaa..kak aziyah bakal sepupu ipaq sy..haha
oh ur senior? my senior jgk..mind if i ask..dulu awk maktab mahmud jgk ka???
ya kak aziyah skg tgh study kt usim..^^
yaa..she's very shud be this way kazen yg pttnya bertuah dpt bakal isteri sebaik kak aziyah..=D
wokeh! sy dh follow blog awk..
p/s:tk sngka awk knal kak aziyah..hehe~ ^^

HUMAIRA' said...

wkslam , world is small :)
I never thought , she had enganged dah pun , hehe, sy bukan dari mktab mhmud , tapi dmw kepala batas . don't you know that school ??
I closed with her since we are from the same course , and I met her in first semester and me is her junior , so what ever that related with our subjects, we may make them ( senior) as our references. and I become closer with her , when she became my coacher for debate arab , she and her debate team teaches my team debate for " pertandingn debat nc" hehe
that all the story , how can I know about her :) and quite surprised when know she had been engaged with your cousin :)