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sudah lumrah


Menjadi kebiasaan setiap pertemuan itu pasti ada perpisahan, dan setiap perpisahan itu pasti ada pertemuan.Hari ini hari Isnin , bagi pelajar tamhidi Sains dan Teknologi , Akaun ,dan Perubatan , mereka baru sahaja tamat peperiksaan . Tahniah di ucapkan dapat menghabiskan kehidupan tamhidi bagi tahun 2010/11. Hari ini aku pergi ke kampus , ada hal sedikit yang perlu di selesaikan. dan pulang bersama housemte kawan aku, dan terus menuju ke restaurant  untuk makan petang.

Setibanya di rumah .
 " MasyAllah " :aku

 "kenapa yan ?" : salah seorang housemate aku

Aku diam sambil aku senyum melihat mereka , terus masuk ke bilik aku. haishh , bukan sedih , tapi sayu sedikit sahaja.Housemate aku semuanya pakat pakat kalut nak pulang ke kampung halaman masing masing. Sikap cemburu itu pasti ada, ye la mereka pulang awal . aku ? pulang agak lewat la, hehe.
 kata mereka : " ha boleh la yan temankan makcik dan pakcik guard jaga nilam court , haha "
tak kisah la , asalkan aku balik ke Penang. Mereka semua akan pulang pada malam ini. 
credit to Fathiah , Najihah , Nik Nurhaziqah , dan Imanina.

dan farah khalida dia pulang ke rumah pada hari jumaat kot , then datang semula pada hari isnin , untuk mengambil ke semua barang barang nya, tapi esok , selasa , dia pulang juga. yang berbaki di rumah aku ini hanyalah aku , dan subihah.
Seorang demi seorang pulang , Subihah dah mula tak ketahuan , hehe , gamaknya dia sedih la kot 
" sudah sudah la su , esok hang nk tinggal aku pulak . huu " nada sedih aku yang tak bule blah :P
aku tetap steday kot , haha , tapi perasaan sedih itu dan sayu itu pasti ada la kan , haha , pandai pandai la nak kawal enjin perasaan ni. :D

Buat housemate housemate yang aku kasihi lagi di cintai :)

| versi English + Melayu |

thanks for being  good members in d5-7 /d2-6
I don't know how I want to express my feeling to them , that I would like to say that " I will miss and love you all ".  Even in just two semester , our ukhwah are tighting very hard.Sweet and sour we faced together as we all the members  Mahabbah. Sometimes we don't have  enough times to chatter, eat and solah together because  we have other responbilities to  complete our role as a student . First of all, I would like to apologize to all members Mahabbah for all the mistake that make you hurt and sad with me.

Dear Najihah ,
Sorry for everything that I make you unpleasent with me
sometimes I make a nonsense humour with you
sometimes I took your property without your permission first
sometimes I disturb you whenever you are studying or revising
and I ask you to teach me  especially Chemistry
 (whenever my mind unable to bear my subjects especially in Law subjects.
Quite stressful , HUH ! )
and you are very delightful to make me know what are you've learned
at the same times  you may revised back what you have learned :) :]
sometimes I teased and tickled you
Sometimes I say something about you
my words make your feel distress and pain
You never give any feedback to me ,
You just laughed what ever I make someting impossible to you
Beyond your expectations and out of your knowledge
I could make it
(the common hobbies for me , right ?)
hee :)
your study desk is beside  with mine study desk
sometimes , we have alot of chatter rather than to study
because both of us very like in story telling .
and share our experiences  that something interest and enjoyment
to lend an ears to listen
[ I will never forgot this moment ]
We become closer in second semester,
and now.
I'll miss you whenever you called me "OPAH!! OPAH! OOOHH OPAH!!"
YEAH . you know , I quite babble  much when something messy in our house:)
Thanks Jihah for everything :)

 Dear Subihah ,
*accountant to be*
inshAllah :) :]
Sorry .sorry .sorry and sorry
heee -
I hope you may be a strong person to confront all the challenges in your life
Don't quick give up
Allah always beside you
All the things that happened in your life
there is silver hiding what had happened you :)
trust it my dear (^-^)
Ask Allah , He will gives a solution to you
To puzzle out your problems (,")
I know you're very diligent and intelligent person
I very respect you :)
because I could not be as a diligent like you
 be the best among the best
InshAllah , you may get  what you desire to be
lurve you :)
anything to share with me, I glad to know , InshAllah I'll support you whenever you need me
the most things you should remind : | Don't study hard but study smart :))
take care about your self and have a sufficient time to get your mind and body rest

Dear Fathiah , [faty]
who is she ?
the cutest, cheerful,and intelligent person =)
Aggresive person ?
 maybe (^-*) hee
your teacher ?
yeah !sometimes I ask her something that related with English language, mostly in writing
how she teaches you ?
she marks my writing exercise and put some comments and advises
What band she got in MUET?
What the most cheerful things she made ?
She’s quite talkative , oh yeah ! hha
Sometimes like my grandma
Oh , sorry J
And she likes to share about her experiences
By sometimes I couldn’t understand what she trying to say because her “lughat” johor make me confusing 
What about her studying ?
She is very hardworking and diligent person , same as Subihah
Hmm , ok that's all the questions that related with her
I will miss her laugh :)
sometimes she likes " loyar buruk " with me :\
and " kacau kacau aku "

Dear Imanina , (sc tech student )
first expression I met her , I thought she is quite strange person
Y ? haaa, secret , only me knew about it HA-ha
When she have a break time from revising her subject
She likes to walk around our home sometimes disturbing me, by looking at my notes or what else and sometimes I quite messy with her, hee
The 1st question I asked her : “ what’s up ? “
She : “ ohh nothing , I just see aje . quite bored asyik duduk aje,kita nak jalan jalan renggang kan otot otot kita ni,hee “
Me : “ ohh okey “
And now , I know her very well
 The most I respect her is , she is a courteous and gentle girl
Her voices makes someone will attract her 
That's her natural and ability to do so
Not all the girls can do like that
if they makes  that voices , we not called her " she is gentle girl " , but more specific term to say  
" uikss gedik kot "
So , the conclusion , she is a gentle girl

Dear Farah ,(dentist student )
I don't know how to describe her  
because, for me she is good enough ,
 she's quite cheerful for me , I loves her :) I quite close with her, 
but sometimes ,
 she's quite busy with her assignment.
Sometimes she's quite aggresive and anger ( that is she )
sometimes I afraid to greet her hehe :|
What ever she is , I accept her
I like when she likes " berterus terang what she doesn't like "
What I want to say for you Farah :
Be patient for all the things that happened in your life
Make it as a sweet experience for you as you could confront it
because not all the person can survive herself/himself whenever she/ he's down
I know and believe  , you may be a strong person :)
The same things I want to say , Allah knows better what is the best for your life :)
Hopefully , you may achieve what you want to be ,amen
Allah besides you :)
lurve you my dear

Dear Najida ( Account's student )
Kelantanise girl--
a pretty girl
She's passive girl , but unpredictable for me how to express about her
Sometimes , she makes us funny with her with her steady acts
some of us will said :
" ha , xsangka mu ni , haha"
( diam diam ubi berisi)
Her study desk near the window and at the parlor
She almost spent her times at her study desk with her books , her notebooks
that's her hobbies
She likes to smile and laugh
that's all about her

Dear Nik Nurhaziqah ( my roomate )
our mother for members' Mahabbah
y we called her " our mother " ?
because , she acts like our mother
always gives us spirit and advices
seems , a mother gives an advices to her children
That is she
My pleasure , Nik .
I am glad Im know you ,
you are just copy paste my old best friend , hafizah :)
but only 80 percent :D
sorry for everything ya , sometimes i didn't realise my words make you hurt with me ,
My sense of humour sometimes quite unpleasent to hear , haha
sometimes , "terbuat muka yang tak bpe dingin dengan mu "
sometimes , "terlepas geram tak tentu pasal "
sometimes ," terjerit tibatiba "
sometimes . " terlajak cerita tanpa noktah "and "pelbagai karenah yang aku lakukan"
" nik hanya diam dan tersenyum , it means that , " dia sudah masak dengan sikap aku "
:| :\

mohon maaf ya
Thanks for everything :)
hope our friendship is lasting forever ,

(just copy paste from your blog, no idea :P )
 satu bilik
satu group 
satu group discussion
In this second semester , kita banyak berdiam , mungkin tak tahu apa lagi yang perlu di kongsi , kerna banyak masa aku bersama mu :)