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Munazoroh Lughatul Arabiyah


I love Arab. When I was a child, I always dream that, I can be a lecturer that I can speak in Arab language. Oh . but when I was in secondary school, my Arab subject mark, does not gave any spirit to study hard for this subject. Mybe , I really crazy (wow) with Additional Mathematics on that time . All the subjects except ADDMATH, I put it away (haha).

So .when results was came out , I realized that , my gred for Arab Subject , was not too satisfied for me. I cried ! hmm. then now , I am studying in USIM.  This university very concern with Arabic, and stressed the students,to speak and may expert all the methods for it. Yyeah ! all method nahu and sorof I forgot. 
(padan muka! sape suruh tak amikberat)

ah ! All this was passed by times. I should take this a note for me, so that I not repeat the bad attitude for this matter again and again.

I am very praise to Allah, because I have a friend and a lecturer who are experting in Arab Language. Mostly, I asked my friend. Itu lebih mudah, she knows me well.

Then, I did not miss the golden opportunity to participate in Arabic Debate.I hope so  I can gain my knowledge and some benefits input from it :) Even before this I zero in Debate Arab , because I don't have any experience in this language. But, when I was in secondary school, I only have an experience in Malay Debate only and I was being 3rd Minister .
( sangat suka bercakap, berbantah,berleter;great experience on this moment)

Allah yusahiluni fi kulli umuri

#I got first experienced last night :)


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amierul said...

huhu...we same still learning...I hope u can success well..=)