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laukpaukdi campus


(tajuk aku punya post takde kena mengena pun dengan post ni )

First time I have alot of presentation. Oh ! actually , in first semester, there  are  not much or stress on about presentation, but mostly quiz. ermm and others activities such debate in Arab , and acting. But, this second semester, our lecturers are more stressing on presentation . perghh ! quite busy.busy.and busy. seems every night , I must well prepared for my task. so  that,I will get a good and satisfied mark for my carry marks.I hope so I can contribute well for my task , but , I did not means to astray a main intention which is , LILLAHITA'ALA FI KULLI UMURI.

What presentation I had done was :

a) Law and society ( squatters)
b) Arab presentation (ma' zamzam)
c)Arab presentation for the chapter that have been given by my lecturer (darsu robi' wa komis)

ha'aa. mybe only three prensentation I have done.even there are only three presentation , but I have another task to do :) oh ! busy !

then , another task( before due date of submission )
a) Muqabalah ( fi usbu'ul qadim fi yaumul isnain)
b) quiz for Arab 3 and 4 , BI 4
c)demostrative speech (not do yet)
d)role play
e) debate BI for English for Law 4
f) presentation for Arab subject 3 ( Fathul mekah)
what else .. ??

ok that's all . nothing to write here , I just write about my life in campus.  Many things that I have faced become different day by day.
the end

notes : On saturday and sunday I will having Musabaqah 'anil munazoroh lughatul Arabiyah. Hope so ,representative from tamhidi and Nilam may do well and  get good result. InshAllah :)



amierul said...

Semoga menjalani kehidupan di kmapus dengan baik..=)

HUMAIRA' said...