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love and changed


It was related that Abu Huraira said that The Messenger of God said : " By Him Whose hand is my life, none of you will have attained faith until he loves me more than his father and his children ".
(sahih Bukhari)
book of Faith~

note  : Which one is more priority , Love to our Rasul / our father or children ?
answer bianfusikum bil Iman 
you will know better which one is good for you to love
dun say saje YOU LOVE RASULULLAH but didn't follow  HIS sunnah.
change our attitude
say it , do it


CHANGE. i've changed. we've changed. they've changed.

for the better or for worse?

Alhamdulillah, if my observation is correct,

they've turn to You for support, ya Rahman.

me? i'm still struggling to find You.

though You've showed me Your grace and love,

time and again, but

i'm still fighting my own demon to destroy 
'taghut's in my heart.
i'm still struggling with myself.

i almost lose hope in this path,

forgive me ya Latif.

but You never failed to pull me back on track

You showed me that hope's not lost.
You showed me that yes, i can be a dai'e too.
through my own way, my own style, my own pace.

i'm humbled by Your kindness, O Lord.

now, i'm more motivated to fight my 'nafs'.

to really savour You command, 

" O ye who believe! Enter into submission
one and all and do not follow the footsteps of Shaitan; 
surely he is your open enemy." Al-Baqarah(2:208)

Please, Allah, My Lord, My Saviour,

guide me through the right path 

for i no longer wish to go astray from You,

grant me hope that one day,
i'll able to witness Islam as
Ustaziatul 'Alam~

Amin ya Rabbul 'Alamin...

* copy from macambarutau.blogspot*



miranoor said...

rsa tharu tgk my blog post bleh bg manfaat utk org lain. thanks along!


I B T I S A M said...

hehe , i like yur post, it too meaningful to me :) maaf ye tak gtaw kata nk share post sis