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cried :(


is it a rumours or not ?

for those who got band two and three ,

compulsary for us to repeat again MUET examination ?

huu ,

I don't know to express my feeling right now !

as last day I went to Cancelori  with my beloved friends, and took our result there ,

What made me surprise is ,

I looked through the marks there ,

WRITING (...) * worse marks , i've anticipate it*
READING (...) 
LISTENING (...) *unsatisfied*


Without unconscious ,

 tears dropped on my cheeks ,

and I couldn't to control myself ,

tears was overflowing ,

I don't know ,

I couldn't to speak out with my friends ,

run away from them,

I want to stay alone ,

without any disturbance from them ,

without enquiry ,

let me alone ,

In fact , after i took my slip examination ,

I should went to 1st level to pay fees for second semester , 

but I shouldn't ,

I  went back to DKS ,

i was crying and can't to stop ,

Oh , Why I felt so depress ,  and flesh ,

I took my QURAN ,

and read through quran verses ,

 my tears  more heavily dropped ,

Ya Allah , !

please  strong my spirit  to accept this :)

then one of my friends came to me , and concern about me ,

i hugged her tightly ,

and just said " I have no spirit , I'm very sad, I don't know why this feeling came across in my essence" :(

let tears to drop more and more ,

 go to musolla ,

seriously ,

I can't to manage my 'AWATIF ,

After I performed my solat ,

my soul more tranquil ,

I know it is faith from Ilahi ,

and my roomate  calm me down,

and said " Allah always beside you , don't too depress , Allah know what a better for you ,what you needed ,We just decide and effort  the best for our life , but the answer is Him. Sometimes He evaluates us with a challenges , be patient , and do'a to Him so that you will be strong to encounter all this , inshAllah  :)Allah loves you .upgrade your iman with Him .reduce the sins. I always endorse you :) hopefully you will achieve what you want :) aminn "

" jazakillah ya sahabati , uhibbuki fillah "

Thanks for those supporting me that time,

really need your assist and sustain with "gold words"

sekali ku nangis , susah untuk diberhentikan ,
menangis di pagi hari ,
menitis juga di malam hari
mengingatkan dosa yang bertimbun-timbun denganNya,
aku tahu terhijabnya doaku dgnNya kerna mksiat,
mka sukarlah bgiNya untuk memakbulkan doaku 

note : dalil mengenai terhijabnya doa kerna maksiat  , 
anda boleh rujuk hadis ke-10 dan syarahannya dalam kitab Hadis 40 Imam Nawawi
(hnya mksud hadis dan pembacaanya)
sebarkan kepada rakan-rakan yang lain :]
" sharing IS loving"



amierul said...

Salam...yan dont be like that..u have to be strong!!!...Since u want to take FIFA so it's ok to just get band 3..but if u wanna repeat make sure u cover the mistakes u have done before..chaiyok2!!!..=)

HUMAIRA' said...


Thankyou !



izyan nazihah,