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since my second semester are progressing , it makes my life changed in this semester, it means that i have a very  packed timetable everyday, non stop , from 830-530 , then continue with discussion of arabic  subject starting every night at 830-1130 ( sometimes it end late). perhh ! never mind, it teaches me how to manage my time well, even the ambience of my life are changing , i hope i can adapt all this kindly. As i am in group one , its not same when i was in group four(first semester). For group one, it is compulsory for members in the group to have arabic consultation hour in a small group discussion at least 30 minutes everynight.

I wanna to list up my assigment in this post , oh ! i not have an intention to make known that i am very busy , it just  to remind me too :)

For subject GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF MALAYSIAN LAW : Assignment of contract law ( submit on this monday)

LAW AND SOCIETY : Get ready for presentation and assigment ( essay law) on 14th May with title "Squatters"

FIQH WAL MUJATAMIE' : Research about fatwa, and submit an assigment in the end of this december :) "fatwa 'anil tamasil"

ARABIC LANGUAGE 3 AND 4 : Just finish reading, 'irab, tamrin , nahwu, sorof , *REMEMBER! ; Enhance my arabic language by speaking oftenly in a day*~~ and consultation hour in everynight.inshAllah

ENGLISH 3: Scrapbook MEXICO, create a new person with a new lifestyle regarding the country that have been given by lecturer,submit in the end of December.
 and Article about law :)

ENGLISH 4 : Get prepare with Demonstrative speech, and role play on March , mybe :P

May Allah simplicity and bless my life ,inshAllah , Allah always with me :) 


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myna said...

lets listing our asggmnt !=)
byk sangadd , hee :)